Innovative Distribution

INNOVATIVE DISTRIBUTION: Our Motto: "Let's have fun working hard to do creative things right."

Liquor Group Distribution Information

ALAlabamaLiquor Group provides distribution in AlabamaControl State
AKAlaskaDistribution TBA in Alaska
AZArizonaDistribution TBA in Arizona
ARArkansasLiquor Group provides distribution in ArkansasFranchise State, Planned Expansion
CACaliforniaLiquor Group provides distribution in CaliforniaPlanned Expansion
COColoradoDistribution TBA in ColoradoPlanned Expansion
CTConnecticutDistribution TBA in ConnecticutFranchise State
DEDelawareLiquor Group provides distribution in DelawareFranchise State, Planned Expansion
FLFloridaLiquor Group provides distribution in Florida
GAGeorgiaLiquor Group provides distribution in GeorgiaFranchise State
HIHawaiiLiquor Group provides distribution in Hawaii
IDIdahoLiquor Group provides distribution in IdahoControl State
ILIllinoisLiquor Group provides distribution in Illinois
INIndianaLiquor Group provides distribution in IndianaPlanned Expansion
IAIowaLiquor Group provides distribution in IowaControl State
KSKansasDistribution TBA in Kansas
KYKentuckyDistribution TBA in KentuckyPlanned Expansion
LALouisianaLiquor Group provides distribution in Louisiana
MEMaineLiquor Group provides distribution in MaineControl State, Planned Expansion
MDMarylandDistribution TBA in Maryland
MAMassachusettsDistribution TBA in MassachusettsFranchise State
MIMichiganLiquor Group provides distribution in MichiganControl State
MNMinnesotaDistribution TBA in Minnesota
MSMississippiLiquor Group provides distribution in MississippiControl State, Planned Expansion
MOMissouriDistribution TBA in Missouri
MTMontanaLiquor Group provides distribution in MontanaControl State
NENebraskaLiquor Group provides distribution in Nebraska
NVNevadaDistribution TBA in Nevada
NHNew HampshireLiquor Group provides distribution in New HampshireControl State
NJNew JerseyDistribution TBA in New JerseyFranchise State
NMNew MexicoDistribution TBA in New MexicoFranchise State
NYNew YorkDistribution TBA in New York
NCNorth CarolinaLiquor Group provides distribution in North CarolinaControl State
NDNorth DakotaDistribution TBA in North Dakota
OHOhioLiquor Group provides distribution in OhioControl State
OKOklahomaLiquor Group provides distribution in OklahomaBroker License State
OROregonLiquor Group provides distribution in OregonControl State
PAPennsylvaniaLiquor Group provides distribution in PennsylvaniaControl State
RIRhode IslandDistribution TBA in Rhode Island
SCSouth CarolinaLiquor Group provides distribution in South CarolinaPlanned Expansion
SDSouth DakotaDistribution TBA in South Dakota
TNTennesseeLiquor Group provides distribution in TennesseeFranchise State
TXTexasLiquor Group provides distribution in TexasPlanned Expansion
UTUtahLiquor Group provides distribution in UtahControl State
VTVermontLiquor Group provides distribution in VermontControl State
VAVirginiaLiquor Group provides distribution in VirginiaControl State
WAWashingtonLiquor Group provides distribution in WashingtonControl State
WVWest VirginiaLiquor Group provides distribution in West VirginiaControl State
WIWisconsinLiquor Group provides distribution in WisconsinFranchise State, Planned Expansion
WYWyomingLiquor Group provides distribution in WyomingControl State

The Liquor Group takes a fresh approach to bringing spirits products to the market. This unique strategy can be outlined as follows: 

A business of networking with a partnership mentality: 

OliveThe Liquor Group can best be summed up as a successful national distribution organization specializing in spirits products. Our company structure is based on a motivated and coordinated network of the best and brightest in every aspect of the presentation and distribution of spirits to consumers across the country and internationally. Cooperation with the spirits brands, distributors and state administrators is the key, as the adversarial approach wastes time, is often counterproductive and is ultimately more expensive than the team or partnership approach.

In the United States and Canada Liquor Group has established open, interactive and cooperative relationships with licensed distributors, licensed brokers, control state administrators and license state administrators. We strive to achieve true long-term partnerships with our chosen co-distributors and customers. Liquor Group is a direct licensed wholesaler or associated wholesaler in a rapidly expanding number of states within the U.S. and Canada, which allows direct merchantability for brands accepted by Liquor Group, giving them “instant” distribution. 

Worldwide product distribution is handled much in the same manner, with openness and creativity. 

We also have direct relationships with the head purchasing office of both the US Navy & and the US Marine Corps. (NEXCOM) and the Army & Air Force Exchange System (AAFES) for worldwide store placements. The requirements for participation with these entities are stringent but once again the candid approach leads to results.

Innovation versus Traditional approaches to the industry: 

Liquor Group prides itself on looking at the industry from fresh perspectives and is aggressive in embracing new approaches from marketing to financial structure. That does not mean that we are disrespectful of industry traditions rather that we did not emerge from the liquor industry and consequently simply did not know any better than to try to build better mousetraps.


Liquor Group’s focus is on achieving flexibility of structure to support the needs of its customers. Liquor Group holds a Federal Basic Importer Permit and a Federal Basic Wholesaler Permit. It is also a licensed importer or wholesaler in a number of states. This allows flexibility in determining the best strategy for each customer to address distribution needs and goals.

Associated Distribution:

In a number of states Liquor Group has chosen to work in close association with the quality local distributors and brokers on a cooperative basis. This allows brands to rationalize the process of dealing with the myriad of restrictions and decisions related to dealing with different distributors in different states by having the benefits of the coordinated approach provided by Liquor Group. 

Patent Pending Bailment Warehousing: 

Faberge EggThe patent pending bailment warehousing structure works in the following manner: Liquor Group does not purchase products from any brand owner or distillery for inventory and re-sale. Rather Liquor Group accepts brands for representation, arranges for and supervises warehousing, inventories the product at one or more of it’s facilities then markets the products in territories chosen by the brand owners throughout the United States and Canada. Product in inventory remains under the ownership and control of the brand or distillery until it is sold to the Liquor Group client.

Once the product is sold and shipped to the Liquor Group client, delivery is confirmed and funds are collected, and the net sale proceeds are remitted to the brand owner or distillery. The exact structure will vary from state to state depending upon local regulations. This method does not tie up capital investment by Liquor Group in product inventory, which allows Liquor Group to charge far less of a mark-up on the goods than other importers and brand representatives. The result is increased net profit for the local wholesale distributor thus retailers and premise accounts are able to take advantage of the price spread and can mark up the product at greater levels of profit, thus driving sales. 

Depending on the requirements of the various states, under the patent pending bailment warehousing structure Liquor Group is either directly responsible for State Excise Tax payments or for supervising its Associated Distributors to ensure that State Excise Tax payments are made. 

Patent Pending Bailment Bonded Warehousing: 

The patent pending bailment bonded warehousing structure is similar to the patent pending bailment warehousing structure only in this instance Liquor Group is acting as the importer of the product into the US or Canada, thus it is responsible for the calculation and the payment of Federal excise taxes.

Standardized mark-ups and product pricing: 

Liquor Group uses a standardized mark-up for spirits products per category for all brands under its purview. This eliminates the product pricing favoritism granted by other distributors and brand representatives. It is our experience that while everyone wants to ‘get a deal’ the long term benefit of a standardized and firm pricing structure sets a platform of certainty and confidence for successful operations and is preferred by all.

Resource referrals:

martiniOne of the most important aspects of becoming associated with the Liquor Group is access to its vast array of pre-approved product and service vendors ready to provide your brand with services and support unsurpassed in the industry. A number of these consultants and vendors are not from the spirits industry so their ability to ‘think outside the box’ and be innovative is truly extraordinary. This alliance of vendors provides maximum return to Liquor Group brand clients with specialized needs. Production bulk suppliers, advertising agencies, TV & radio production companies, web site developers, media time buying companies and specialty item providers all qualified and many with experience in the liquor industry ready to service the needs of Liquor Group brands.

Importer or Wholesale representation: 

Liquor Group can act as the importer directly from the manufacturing distillery domestically or internationally. It can also act as the wholesale representative within the US and Canada. Each service has unique attributes and responsibilities, thus each carries a different level of service fees. Brand owners and distilleries are free to choose what level of service they wish to utilize from the Liquor Group, and may adjust those services as time goes by. 

Regulatory Support: 

The spirits industry is a labyrinth of complicated laws and regulations, which can hinder the success of a brand, should they not know the proper legalities. Partially as a result of the Prohibition era every state has peculiar laws and regulations, which are daunting. Liquor Group provides brands with the required regulatory support for the level of service chosen. Brands imported by Liquor Group are managed from manufacturer’s port, of entry through the patent pending bailment warehouse system to the retail store. Brands with wholesale management are guided from the Liquor Group patent pending bailment warehouses to the wholesale purchaser. Regulations and compliance are a serious concern within the industry and should not be taken lightly as the resulting fines or reprimands can be serious.

Tradeshow support: 

3 DrinksLiquor Group has a presence at trade shows in North America. The level of participation at each event is determined by the brand owners and distilleries represented by Liquor Group. Each brand is responsible to provide payment for their portion of the trade show costs as well as provide their own marketing materials, sample product, tasting personnel education documents, and special display pieces. Liquor Group representatives handle on site sales negotiations and hire tasting personnel directly. Brand owners now have the option of attending the shows and focusing on client relations and brand building, or to not attend and rely on the professionals in the Liquor Group team to work their magic. Either way, the expense of trade show attendance and presentation is cut by more than half stretching your marketing dollars while advancing your brand. 

Control State presentations: 

Liquor Group handles control state presentations either directly unless the policy decision is made that the brand is better served by the product being presented in conjunction with our local Associated Distributors or Brokers. This gives the brand the comfort of knowing that the best strategy for listing is being employed. Each state has listing periods and specific presentation criteria, and in some cases there are even listing fees and charges. Liquor Group charges each brand a flat fee for the preparation and implementation of their presentation per state, which relieves brand owners and distilleries from the aggravation of travel to each state for the listing meetings and presentations. 

Product creation support:

Liquor Group has been fortunate to be closely involved in the creation of several successful brands, from product concept to retail and premise shelf. We have specific knowledge relating to product creation including product design, label design marketing campaign strategy and design, sourcing of product, bottles, labels, capsules, corks, case boxes, point of sale items and all or the appurtenant aspects of product creation. This gives Liquor Group an unusual perspective on product development and distribution. 

If you have a product idea and need production or wish to expand your own production we can assist you in all phases of product development. Product creation, sourcing supply, bottles, label design and production, imaginative corking, capsules, case box design, POS materials, web design, marketing and advertising, whatever it takes to bring your product idea from concept to the retail shelf, we can help you.

A clear choice for new and existing brands:

Happy Family of ProductsLiquor Group provides a clear choice for both new and existing brands for distribution. New brands can take advantage of the many services and consulting available from Liquor Group and it’s vendor network, while obtaining much needed distribution, often for the first time anywhere.

Existing brands can take advantage of lower mark-ups by utilizing Liquor Group’s brand management services, allowing them to service all of their existing outlets at a greater margin, making price flexibility an option not available under their prior distribution structure.

Either way, Liquor Group has created a new niche in the spirits industry, and we welcome you to contact us to explore the possibilities to bring INNOVATIVE DISTRIBUTION to your brand!

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