Les Domaines Grassa (France)

Les Domaines Grassa

Origin: France 40% Alcohol / 80 Proof

In the Southwest of France, in the heart of Gascony lies the Grassa family estate known as Chateau Tarriquet. It is here that its perfectionist cellar master, Yves Grassa, makes his famous award winning Armagnac, Les Domaines Grassa. Les Domaines Grassa offers a complete range of award winning Bas Armagnac in every price category, beautifully packaged in elegant tear shaped bottles.


Les Domaines Grassa Folle Blanche Des Domaines LDGF750C6

Before the fresh young Armagnac Eau de Vie is put into cask for aging, it is especially fragrant, fruity and deliciously invigorating. Served chilled as an apéritif or after dinner cordial, it makes a delightful palate cleanser that charms you with its youth and its expression of pure fruit.


Les Domaines Grassa Reserve 4 Year Minimum Age LDGRR750C6-182

Flavors explode on the tip of the tongue with huge flavors of rancio, oak resin, blue cheese, grape preserves and dark caramel. Long, lush, satiny finish.

GOLD MEDAL / F ive Stars/Highest Recommendation – F. Paul Pacult’s Spirit Journal: “…flavors explode on the tip of the tongue with huge flavors of rancio, oak resin, blue cheese, grape preserves, and dark caramel…this incredible flavor feast deepens and continues at mid palate as cake frosting and bittersweet chocolate… truly unbelievable; the aftertaste is long, lush, satiny, and honey sweet; without any doubt one of the great brandies from anywhere I’ve ever sampled; Monumental. INCREDIBLE BUY!”

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Les Domaines Grassa V.S.O.P. 7 Year Age LDGVSO750C6-218

Expect to taste Apple, orange, oak, and spice nose. Three Stars/Heartily Recommended – F. Paul Pacult’s Spirit Journal

“…integrated and mature as supple, fat tastes of sweet oak, honey, and brown sugar highlight the palate entry…concentrated grape jam and toffee tastes that are large and inviting, the aftertaste is long, sappy sweet… its generousity, precociousness, and youthful enthusiasm are appreciated enough for it to be heartily recommended.”

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Les Domaines Grassa X.O. 15 Year Minimum Age with Wood Gift Box LDGXO750C6-433


Four Stars/Suberb – F. Paul Pacult’s Spirit Journal “…aromas of nougat and roasted chestnuts…pleasing bouquet that’s unabashedly nutty, woody and vibrant; the ferocity continues at palate entry as forward tastes of almond butter, nougat, sautéed nuts, oily oak, and caramel overtake the taste buds…the finish is long, oily, buttery, and oaky/resiny; a barn burner of an Armagnac that should not be poured near an open flame. WOW, WHAT A BREATH-TAKING RIDE!”

Superb Spirit Journal “Apple, date, apricot with medium oak and spice.”

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